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Hello all, we have a nearly 10 week old red fox lab (been here a week and a half now) and we are really struggling to get her to sleep well. She has free range of the kitchen with her crate (door always left open) and another bed which she uses both. We have been sleeping in the living room separated by a child gate. Only way puppy will go to sleep is if we're sat next to her bed, we then have to creep out so she doesn't notice. She is not lasting more than 2 hours before she wakes up and cries, sometimes already wee'd on the floor. We've tried leaving her and letting her cry it out but it doesn't seem to stop and don't want to annoy the neighbours - I know she is doing it for attention and not any other reason. So we go back in the room until she settles down (can take up to an hour). Needless to say we are exhausted and looking for any tips!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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