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Tuesday night, my daughter and I went to a concert (Lindsey Buckingham, if anyone cares) and I stayed at her house to avoid a really late drive home.

Sarah happened to glance out the window and said, "Hey. Is that MY dog?"

It wasn't. A large yellow lab was walking across the street - the busiest street in town - so we both went out to try and get ahold of him. He was a tad skittish, but friendly enough once we gave him time to approach. In fact, he was a really nice dog, but with nails that hadn't been trimmed in years, if ever, fleas, and a raging ear infection. He had a choke collar :doh: with an expired county license and no ID tag.

Taking him into the house was not an option - Sarah has a dog that's getting chemo for lymphoma and has a severely compromised immune system.

I called the local police and gave them the license number. The computer was down, so they couldn't look up the records, but they promised to send someone. We waited outside with the dog, thinking the owner might be driving around looking for him.

Pretty quickly, a patrol woman arrived in a squad car. She called in the license number again and got a call back five minutes later with a phone number and address - about six blocks away - for the owner. She called once and got nothing. She called again and got an answering machine.

She asked if we could stay with the dog while she took a drive to the residence to try and shake somebody out of bed. She didn't really want the dog and his fleas in her squad car and I found myself wondering, again, why they didn't send animal control. She didn't even have a leash.

Ten minutes later, she returned, followed by an irate woman in her own car, who announced that the "stupid dog" was her son-in-law's dog and he was out-of-town. The dog had gotten away from her and she called it a day and turned in without even calling the police. (That "stupid dog" was smart-enough to get away from her and find us.)

She left with the dog and the patrol woman told her she'd follow shortly. She stayed for a moment to let us know what her plans were. I told her I didn't have a good feeling at all about the whole thing. I think the dog would have been better off at the shelter, where somebody would have given him the kind of home he deserves.

It turns out this city of about 80,000 eliminated their animal control due to budget cuts. They used to have a very active animal control when I lived there. I know, because more than once I was warned by animal control that the leash in my hand need to actually be attached to the dog walking at my side.

They had pickup trucks with shells, crates and the experience to handle everything from stray dogs to cats in trees to raccoons in garages.

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My first thought is poor dog, that he had to go back there. Bet he shows up at the shelter. Thanks for caring, Ron.
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