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Stray Puppies

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I spotted a nursing mother wondering around my college campus the other day. I ran and bought some food for her but when I returned she had left. I plan on going back later today to see if I can find her and her puppies. Does anybody have any tips on possibly locating a hidden litter of puppies? There is a small wooded area near where she wondering, so she might have them in there.
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Call your local animal shelter.

The mother could become aggressive to protect her pups. No sense risking a bite......
Yes, contact a local animal shelter or rescue. They are far better equipped to catch a loose dog than you! I'm sure they would welcome your help by reporting any sightings of the dog and donating the food.

As Knute said, the mother may become aggressive if you approach her puppies. She doesn't know you. Best leave it to people who are experienced with this and can capture her with the least amount of stress to her and her litter.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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