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We have a new two month old Rottweiler with showing some strange behavior when walking on the leash. When we walk him going away from the house he plants his feet, lays downs, pulls, etc...basically not wanting to walk one foot. However, walking back towards the house he walks fine and lots of time walks one to two feet ahead of us.

He does not seem scared to be outside, passing cars even fireworks exploding overhead don't seem to phase him at all. If we take him with us on a car ride, my wife or I will get out of the car two to three blocks from the house and walk the rest of the way home. He has no problem walking in that scenario.

Other times we have lured him, going away from the house, with a stick or something just to get him some distance away from the house so we can continue the walk. Our previous Rottweiler, which we had from nearly the same age until his passing nine years later, who never had any issues like this. As a matter of fact any dog I have ever had never seemed to show this strange type of behavior.

Is this a common thing in dogs or anyone else experienced this? Any help or suggestions is appreciated.
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