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He is a baby and he is scared. I am all for socializing but too much too fast can backfire on you. This is an 8 week old PUPPY.

I read an article about someone out socializing their puppy. She was sitting at the bottom of bleachers just working on focus. Her friend with a similar age dog was taking her puppy up and down the bleachers. The puppy would stop, and she would lure him up the bleachers and across. The puppy repeatedly would stop and recover.

In the end, when both these dogs were adults, the one that had been lured onto the bleachers to freeze and recover over and over always had a fear of bleachers while the other puppy that just worked on Focus had no such fears.

Your puppy is a baby and afraid. Don't force the issue. No need for long walks at 8 weeks old. Go to a puppy class instead. A well run puppy class will put you further ahead than pushing your puppy to walk at this young age.
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