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Strange mass on dog paw

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My little chug (chihuahua x pug) is around 5 years old, her name is Chelsie

She’s had this strange mass on her paw (picture will be attached) for around 12 months now, she doesn’t lick it nor does she seem to be in pain when I touch it, she walks fine. It’s on her rear left paw. It’s been getting bigger and my family and I are growing more and more concerned, however due to my national lockdown our vets are not currently allownon emergency appointments

is anyone able to provide any advice on what to do? Is it harmful? can it be treated at home?

thanks :)
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It's against forum rules to attempt to diagnose something that hasn't been seen by a vet in order to protect you from bad advice that might hurt your pup or delay necessary medical treatment, so I'm afraid we can't guess at what this might be.

What I would do is contact your vet clinic - and others in your area if necessary - asking if you can send them this picture so they can help you decide how urgent this is. If it's something that should be biopsied and examined at a diagnostic lab as soon as possible, they'll get you in for an emergency appointment, and if they believe it's unlikely to be anything scary/malignant, you'll have better peace of mind waiting until they open to non-emergency appointments again.
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