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The lump did go away after he licked it a while, but I still am wondering what it might be and if I should watch him closer.

He stood up on the couch and started 'humping' the air but looked like he wasn't do it on purpose, so when I had my husband roll him over on his back, he looked like he was turned on. There was a lump between his testicles (he is fixed for almost a year.) and the upper part of his penis. It grew hard and a bit longer, but after a while it went away, he did continue to lick it and couldn't walk too well.

I figured he had been turned on but I wasn't sure if that was it or if there's something more, I didn't know they could be after being fixed.

Should I be concerned, or has this happened to anyone else?

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Are you maybe talking about his knot?

It shouldn't be anything to be worried about. My dog gets wood sometimes after a good nap :D.

He's neutered but even though the factory's gone, the equipment is still there :rolleyes:.
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