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Pete is my lovely 5ish? terrier mix who we brought home last month from a rescue. He is such a sweetheart but something happened tonight that worries me.

3 weeks ago Pete slipped and fell down about 6 steps doing a full barrel roll. He scampered off to a corner and was shaking with his eyes wide. It looked to me like he had hurt his back legs so I called the vet immediately, while waiting for our ride the shaking stopped and he rolled over and stood up like it was nothing. He started walking around like nothing had happened and he didnt have any tenderness so we figured he just scared himself and we watched for signs of distress in the next few days and saw none.

Then just now he started hiding in the corner again and shaking with wide eyes. I sat with him for several minutes and it really seemed like he was in pain. Again after a minute or two he stood up and became his normal self again. I dont think hes injured himself since hes been with me all day. Aside from those episodes he seems completely fine, walking and playing, eating, affectionate... just his normal self. I'm not sure what to do... is a vet visit warranted? What could be causing this kind of intermittent pain without any obvious signs of injury? Since he seems okay I think I am going to wait til monday and definitely head in if there is any limping/tenderness/lethargy. I'm a little worried but I tend to be overprotective... am I right to be concerned?
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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