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For context and a bit more info on this story, I live in Mexico where there are strays aplenty and you can literally get any dog from any corner of the street. These dogs breed none stop and the kinds of dogs you see are so varied!

A few days back I was having a conversation with a cousin. let's call him Carlos. From talking about tech to talking about life and so on, the conversation soon shifted to our first pets and our experiences with them. When he was around 7-8 years old, his uncle had given him a puppy that he had found on the street. He loved that dog to death and was his greatest friend and the dog had a mutual feeling. Whenever his mother or father would try to hit Carlos, when he was playfighting with his friends and they would get a little to rough, or just some random stranger would approach, the dogo would protect him, not attack the others but he would get into a "ready" position, growl, and show his teeth, just enough for people to know not to mess with Carlos.

Every person told Carlos to put it down, to kill it, to get rid of it. People would set food out for the dog with poison to try and kill it. One night the dog came back home with a wound on his left hind leg, a slash wound that would only come from a machete. That was the last straw for my cousin and never again did he let that dog venture out, but he also wasn't allowed to bring it inside. You see, in many house holds here in Mexico, you can't have your dogs inside with you because of family member old world ways, and it was no different for my cousin, so his friend was an "outside dog". He would go out and venture on the streets often like many dogs in Mexico do. Of course my cousin would be strongly against it but there wasn't much he could do, the dog would bite any rope and break it and Carlos's parents couldn't afford much and they sure as hell would not spend money on the dog unless it was absolutely necessary, that means no chains or callers because hay, every other dog dose fine whiteout. After a bit of working my cousin finally afforded a caller and chain for his friend, and as much as it pained him to have him in chains, he had to do it because the whole neighborhood wanted to his best friend.

But why? Why would people tell Carlos to kill his friend and why would these assholes want to kill the poor animal? For one reason and one reason only, his appearance. Carlos described the dog to me, and it was like no description of any dog that I have ever heard of. "The dog seemed to be a mix of many, but one of the most notable feature of the dog was his unusual macular structure. He had an abnormal muscle growth like no other dog, like a Hercules of dogs if you will. It was strange, he was "malnourished" looking, but for some reason this dog would never lose or gain weight no matter how much food he was given. Once you took in how buff the dog was you would notice the most notable trait of the dog, and the one people wanted to kill him for," I was already really intrigued by this dog, but wat I heard next shocked me, Carlos said "He was black, and when I mean he was black, I MEAN he was black. His fur was a dark black slightly shiny coat, his skin itself was black, almost charred even, his tongue and mouth were black as well, gums and all with the exception of his teeth, and what was strange of all, the whites of his eyes were also black. He seemed like a shadow that took the form of a dog"

I was so taken aback by this description and I just couldn't believe it, I told him that I'll look something up online to see if any other dog like this was ever bread. Carlos said that he's been trying to look for answers online, search up info and see if there was some other dog like this but he came up empty handed, I came up empty handed as well and I've been so curious about this little shadow dog. I asked if there were any pictures or something and he said that back then there was no way he could have taken any sort of pictures since he was so poor. Though the only thing left is word of mouth from his family members and neighbors, which I did speak to my ant about it and she did corroborate his story. she told it almost word for word as he did.

Here in Mexico there's this belief that black dogs(JUST the fur wise) are linked to paranormal things like demons and devils. This dog, since EVERYTHING on him was black, was seen as Satan himself by the neighborhood and that's why they wanted to kill it, that it would bring terrible luck and death to people around. Of course that's just crazy talk.

Carlos said
"After a time had passed and the neighbors stopped coming to our house to yell at us to kill my friend, the whole commotion died down, my dog never went out and there was no issue ever again. My dog had a long healthy life, sure sometimes he couldn't eat, because we as a family could barley eat sometimes, but he had a long an healthy life. he never got sick, he never got injured again, some folk that weren't crazy would bring him some lady friends and he spread his decedents far and wide. Out of all the dogs that he mated with, only one litter had a puppy that was his carbon copy, just one. I wanted to keep him but my family gave it away whiteout my consent to an ant that didn't take good care of dogs. The puppy died of malnourishment because my aunt didn't take care of him correctly, and that was the last puppy that my dog had that looked exactly like him."

"He lived for almost 8ish years. He was a peaceful, loving dog that never looked for trouble or barked at all for that matter, I can count in one hand the amount of times that he had barked! One night I had come home, particularly tired from work, the day was hell and all I wanted to do was sleep. I fed my friend the really GOOD kibble because I could finally afford it, pet him and played with him for a bit, then head to bed and slept. At some point at night I woke up to the sound of scratching on the door, as if paws were scratching it. I found it strange because my dog never did that, after a few seconds it stopped and I quickly fell back to sleep, I dreamt about my dog that night. When I woke up in the morning for work, I came out my room and outside my room, laying down with his front legs crossed like the elegant little dog he was, he laid there in his endless slumber, he had passed away. I just wish I had woken up fully that night. It was one of the most painful things I had went through"

What do any of you make of this? I have NO idea what to make of this. All I could think was that this dog might have had some sort of melanism, but what about the whites of his eyes and his mouth and tongue? Could it have been a new breed of dog or something?
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