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Strange behaviour

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My name is Anita and we have a dog, Bruno. He was adopted last year by me and my husband. He is a very good boy, but something strange happened. The last couple of days he doesn't want to go for a walk with me after dinner. I have to insist. And when we get home he go directly to his bed. But it is just at night. Every other time he comes as usual. What do you think, is related to the fact that I am pregnant?
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Has anything else changed? Did he get corrected or scared on any of the recent evening walks? Did he get corrected or yelled at right after getting home from an evening walk? Did he experience a recent argument between you and your Significant Other before or right after and of these walks (or an argument with a neighbor or other person you met) on the walk?
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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