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My dog is extremely sociable 1 year old, loves people, loves other animals, and follows me every step of the way. He listens well, and is very confident.

This kind of ties in with the speculation I have about his interesting behavior. When I call him up onto the bed (He's only allowed with permission, and it seems to work well that way), he'll get up and crawl beside me. Then he does something strange, he'll try to lick my cheeks and then he'll open his mouth and put it over my mouth!! Almost the same type of situation where you see a wolf pup trying to get her mother to regurgitate (except, I'm the pup apparently)! It's so odd, that it gives me pause. I wonder what he's doing? He settles his mouth over mine and just kind of stays like that for a second, then takes his mouth off and tries to lick. It's pretty unsanitary, I know, but I'm so curious as to what he's trying to achieve.

Could it be dominance? I've seen other dogs put their mouths over more submissive dogs, and also mother's will do that to their pups... So, is my dog trying to get one up on me, dominance wise? or is it the opposite? Is he acting puppyish? Because he does have to follow me everywhere, and he seems to only take action by watching my actions ( For example: he won't go look out the window, unless I get up and look, otherwise he sits beside me and looks between me and the window.)I'm really not sure of the case here, even though I have a pretty decent handle on physical communication.

Any ideas would be interesting, anyone else's dog do something like this?

Oh, and I'm not fond of a dog licking my face..it's kind of gross to me, because of the breath along with what dogs can eat at times, so don't bug me about not letting him lick me usually! lol:p
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