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Strange behavior after pregnancy

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My two dogs have their designated spot where they go to pee and poo in the bathroom. They have always done it there, but for one of them, a corgi, just recently after giving birth to puppies she is now doing it in the kitchen even though she knows not to. I wonder why she refuses to go to the bathroom where the other dog goes and where she used to go?
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Is the kitchen closer to where she has her puppies? I was thinking that if this was the case, she simply may not feel comfortable leaving her pups alone and therefore goes to the closest spot she can. Just a thought.
No actually the bathroom is closer than the kitchen which makes it weird
your dogs are trained to go potty inside? Is there a reason why you do not want them to go outside? I would think that it may confuse the dog to ask her to go in one area of the house but get upset when she goes somewhere else. Just a thought.
maybe she wants to go farther away from the pups so they aren't close to the excrement?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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