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Hamish suffered from episodes of vomiting and diarrhea over an 8 week period as a result of a bad bag of BBLongevity Senior, so he is currently eating Royal Canin Sensitivity RC, plus a 1/4 Zantac and pumpkin. We give him 1/4 food in the morning, 1/4 at lunchtime, then the remaining 1/2 in the evening.
In addition he would also strain 3-4 times after pooping in the evenings and the vet said this was a sign that he had a touch of colitis and to give him Zantac.

I want to start feeding him Fromm Gold Reduced Activity (similar protein level) however when I tried to introduce it (25% of food) about 10 days ago he strained about 5-6 times after pooping in the evenings (he was fine after pooping in the mornings).

I immediately stopped giving him the Fromm and continued with the RC, however twice since then he has also strained a few times in the evenings after pooping.

Apart from the straining he seems absolutely fine, and it doesn't seem to bother him. The vet doesn't seem too concerned either so I'm wondering if anyone else has seen similar problems, and also if I should have another go at introducing the better food?
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