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Hello everyone,

Our Eni is a Beagle who has been saved from a certain death in 2005. She was one of the 32 Beagles rescued from Veterinarian Faculty in Zagreb, after horrible experiments were conducted on all of them.
Her leg bone was fractured only to test a new drug for calcination and afterwards put embedded metal plate. In the end of testing they all should have been put to sleep. After the rescue by Association “Animal Friends” it was clear that she has never been outside the cage, never drank fresh water, never walked on the grass, never snooped with other dogs etc. Most of the time she was starved and laid in her own feces, in a cage not much bigger than a bird’s cage. She never felt love, hugs and kisses, never had a home, never have been petted her or played with her. Her fear from human was giant and justified because since then human gave her only pain and suffering, fear and hell. When we brought her home, she had to learn everything, just as a puppy, only she was a year and a half old.

Now, 13 years later, Eni is a happy old lady who has been cherished and loved since the moment she was rescued, having every single day happy, joyful, fun and blessed. However, health problems started nearly a year ago and Eni is no longer as healthy as before...

Later on i will post some pictures..
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