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stop jumping on sofa

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Ruby does puppy eyes sooo well :(

For the first couple of months me and my husband let her on the sofa with us. I found a little hole where her claw caught, which I didn't mention to my husband, because he spent about $800 on this sofa before we got the puppy. So, when he got deployed this week I decided it was time to stop this jumping up thing, however much I like her sleeping up here next to me. So I put a twin bedsheet over the sofa cushions to protect them for now.

She gets off straight away when I say, and I make sure she gets lots of praise and playtime whenever she asks to play without jumping up to push the toy in my face. But it's the puppy eyes when she wants a hug that get me, because to her, hugs on the floor just aren't as good :rolleyes:

Anyways, it is when she runs and jumps so her claws scrape against the sofa and catch on the cushion stitching that I want to stop. When she just jumps up to lie down it is fine. But I guess I need to stop all of it first, then show her what is acceptable jumping.

I know as soon as my husband gets back she will be up here all the time again :D So I need to sort it out before then. And fix the hole already in the sofa >.<

Any ideas to make this easier?

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Keep her nails filed smooth? ;) Maybe a doggie steps so she can climb up slowly?
You know what I love about Ruby? She is so smart. Suddenly I turn around, and whatever I have been trying to teach her, she suddenly gets it. Like with housebreaking. She went from needing to go out every 20 mins when out of the crate, to being out for up to 2 hours, then asking to go out, overnight.

And today. I only started with this "no sofa" thing 2 days ago. And this morning she was jumping up for hugs, jumping up to give me the toy to play with her and jumping up just for attention. This afternoon she is putting the toy down in front of me, then sitting and looking at me to play, and just putting her head on the sofa when she wants attention.

Of course, there are still a couple of accidents... she will still pee on the carpet without asking to go out occasionally, and she jumped up for attention just while I was writing this. But the point is, she gets it! Mistakes will decrease when she sees that she gets praise for the right thing and ignored for the wrong thing.
Not being allowed up to lie next to me was making her sad... the puppy eyes and crying noises were getting to me :(

So now she is lying next to me. I'm a sucker.
how about teaching her to sit and wait for you to ask her up and then let her jump only onto your lap?

This is what we are working on right now (Not going so well LOL because we have two dogs and when they are together they run crazy through the house, but one will do it most of the time) we are trying to teach the dogs not to go on the couch unless invited up, to try to keep them from running crazy accross the furniture.
That is a good idea. It is the crazy jumping that want to stop, not all of it... when she gets excited or tired she starts jumping up and nipping at the throw and cushions. I guess just making her wait until I say might be enough to help stop that. Like when she has to sit and wait before going out the front door, even if I go out before her.
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