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The training for this is called object exchanges or trading up. You teach him to drop it or give it to you willingly on command. Basically, you teach him that he never has to guard it or hoard it as he will always get it back or will get something better in return.

You set the stage by first arming yourself with smelly, tasty treats (SPAM is really good for this). Get a very large raw bone or something he can't swallow in one gulp.

Let him 'discover' and 'steal' the bone. Intercept him calmly....wave the SPAM under his nose. Make what you're holding more interesting/desirable. When he drops the bone, give the SPAM and pick up the bone. Praise...lots of praise. You can put this on command (wave the SPAM and say Give or Drop It). It will take several practice sessions for him to learn the 'game' but, once he learns the Give command he will willingly drop it in your hand without aggression.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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