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Still eating poo?!?!?!

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ok well, some of you have helped me greatly in the past and i will also post a recent pic of my precious Toby

well, basically the title says it all

1 1/2 year old almost and STILL eating poo??

we tried the pineapple juice in his bowl, all that did was make him scarf it down faster and want even more

normally he goes when my dad and him go for walks in the morning, but sometimes hes outside alone, EVEN with his muzzle on he gets the poo inside his mouth... and well...eats it

please tell me WHAT else to do!!! this is a very nasty habit and i don't like him doing it, especially if he randomly LICKS your face if you give him a chance lol

Heres his pic
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I've heard that putting meat tenderizer in their food can help with the poop eating. Otherwise you will just need to pick it every single time he goes. If he is eating it before you can get run over to pick it up then teach him a leave it command.

Something I have been thinking about trying with a dog at work who is very bad about poop eating is rewarding him for leaving the poop pile by letting him go back and eat a small amount of it. Not sure if it will work or not but sometimes telling them they can do something makes it no longer a really fun thing to do. Also, putting the poop eating on command may help extinguish the behavior as long as the dog never gets to it any other time than when you say for awhile. But that is all just something I have been mulling over in my head at the moment, I am getting close to trying it out so we will see.
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