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Still eating poo?!?!?!

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ok well, some of you have helped me greatly in the past and i will also post a recent pic of my precious Toby

well, basically the title says it all

1 1/2 year old almost and STILL eating poo??

we tried the pineapple juice in his bowl, all that did was make him scarf it down faster and want even more

normally he goes when my dad and him go for walks in the morning, but sometimes hes outside alone, EVEN with his muzzle on he gets the poo inside his mouth... and well...eats it

please tell me WHAT else to do!!! this is a very nasty habit and i don't like him doing it, especially if he randomly LICKS your face if you give him a chance lol

Heres his pic
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There is only one sure fire cure....keep the yard clean. I go out with my dogs and carry the pooper scooper with me. Well, truthfully, when it's raining like it is now, I stand in the doorway and call them back in as soon as they're done. But. the point is, clean-up the best solution.
hes eating Puring One, the one year old stage food

and its normally 1 rather large bowl of it in the mornings after a walk with my dad
You might want to try a different dog food. Purina is pretty high in grains (Corn, Oats) which doesn't digest very well. Basically, it just passes through and is still good to eat. Try a brand that has 3 meat ingredients in the top 4 listed ingredients.
A different dry food with more meat products would be better.
Take a look at Wellness, Canidae or Natural Balance. There might be several other good brands available in your area but, again, check the top 4 ingredients.
1 - 4 of 21 Posts
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