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Still eating poo?!?!?!

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ok well, some of you have helped me greatly in the past and i will also post a recent pic of my precious Toby

well, basically the title says it all

1 1/2 year old almost and STILL eating poo??

we tried the pineapple juice in his bowl, all that did was make him scarf it down faster and want even more

normally he goes when my dad and him go for walks in the morning, but sometimes hes outside alone, EVEN with his muzzle on he gets the poo inside his mouth... and well...eats it

please tell me WHAT else to do!!! this is a very nasty habit and i don't like him doing it, especially if he randomly LICKS your face if you give him a chance lol

Heres his pic
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Hmmm, my 10 year old beagle still eats poo!

And dirty socks. And dirty diapers. And used femenine hygeine products. And underwear. You name it, she'll eat it. You haven't lived until you've pulled a green sock out of your dogs butt.

I think I kind of gave up long ago and went into management mode. Got trash cans with lids, make the kids put their clothes in the hamper, etc. Pick up the poop from the yard. But I swear that hound can smell dog poop on walks from 20 feet away and snatches at it before I can even see it. I'm working on leave it with her, but who knows how well that will work. She's quick and can find the dog poop and eat it before I even realize what's happening...
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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