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Still crying in the crate, help!

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I have a 10 week old Aussiedoodle puppy who still whines for half the night. He cries for only a half hour or so when we first put him in the crate around 10pm, but he always has to go to the bathroom around 2:30am. I let him out and put him right back into the crate. He cries nonstop after that until I finally let him out in the morning.

I started having him eat meals in the crate to get him used to it. I’ve even caught him sleeping in it during the day, so I’m at a loss of what more I could do. Any advice?
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Where is the crate? At that age mine would only settle at night if he was right next to a person and/or my other dog. He was a complete landshark so he couldn't be free at night, so I ended up putting him in a travel crate and putting the travel crate on the bed, lol. Ridiculous, but at least we all got to sleep through the night.
Poor baby. 10 weeks is nothing , put him nearer to you until he is used to sleeping through the night.
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