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Is anyone having problems with stickiness on their pet's coat
accompanied by trembling and lethargy? At first I thought my
dog came in contact with something sticky but could not figure
out what it could be since I/my husband have been with him.
I brought him to my daughter's and the next day her dog had
stickiness and was whimpering and trembling. I was in the middle
of bathing the stickiness off my dog when she called and told me
she was taking hers to the emergency vet. The vet said it was
probably some type of sap and the dog scratched himself.

Thinking back a few weeks ago when he first got the stickiness, I remembered
my dog trembling in the morning and then he stopped, so I didn't
think much of it then. However, the day after the bath, he started
trembling and acting lethargic. Since I shampooed out the sticky
substance, I can not take him to the vet to analyze it unless it
comes back.

My husband did take him to the dog park so he was exposed to quite
a few dogs.

Is anyone else experiencing this phenomenon?

Thank you.
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