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staying by himself in a strange place

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So the long and the short of it my wife is having her surgery coming up next week on the other side of the state, and we couldn't get anyone to watch the dog overnight. I'm thinking about taking him with and leaving him at the hotel during the surgery, which will only take a few hours. He does fine by himself at home and at my parents, but I don't really know how he'll react being by himself in a strange place. I'm going to bring plenty of his toys and favorite treats, maybe even a blanket with our smell...any other suggestions?
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Your best option would probably be to board him while you are gone. That way, he's taken care of, and you can concentrate on your wife.

If you do take him with, tho NOT leave him loose in the motel room. Keep him crated while you are gone, leave the TV or radio on, and and put our the Do Not Disturb sign. The last thing you will want to deal with is a dog who has slipped past the housekeeper and is now running loose in a strange place, or one who has barked at every little noise and has motel staff and guests fuming, or has panicked at being left alone in a strange place and has destroyed the room and/or injured themselves.
I would board him, as well. I actually recently moved, and although my dog was quiet in his crate in our old house, he barks every time we leave the new house and carries on for an hour or so or if he thinks he hears someone outside. Of course, it might be different with your dog, but if you've every brought your dog with you to someone else's house and left him and he barked, you can probably assume he'll bark in a hotel.
I like the boarding for the day... find a place where the hotel or hospital is at. That way you know they being looked after incase you want to stay longer at the hospital and also able to pick them up and bring them back to the hotel with you if you want.
I didn't think about boarding him near by. The only concern that I have is that we tried daycare with him and he didn't do so well, he didn't want anything to do with any of the other dogs, and stayed in a cage all day.
Boarding is different from daycare. When boarding, the dogs are in the kennels by themselves the entire time usually. They usually have an outdoor run where they can go outside if they want (still separate from the other dogs). Some kennels will offer a service where they will take your dog for a walk, or let them play with other dogs, but it is optional. A kennel sounds like the best option for you.
It's over and done with now since it's currently July '19. But I would've worried about theft!
Thanks for the help everyone. There was a change in plans so he was able to stay with my parents
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