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state of the art kennels

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If you had to design a 20 run kennel, what would you do to make it a breeze to clean… and I’m not talking about the gutter in front or back of the runs… something that doesn’t involve getting dirty and a lot of hard work…
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I've owned and run a boarding kennel and, trust me, a lot of well to do people WILL leave their 'child' in a cage. If boarding unknown dogs, it is THE safest way to do it.

There is nothing inherently cruel about a crate or kennel.

I second what cshellenberger said....
Soooo why wouldn't you be picking the poop up first?
Uh....good question. :eek:

An ideal kennel to me, would have an inside space large enough for a bed and for the pup to walk around in a bit...say....6x8 to start. If they have access to a fenced run (partially or covered) + regular turn outs, there should really be no reason for there to be a lot of pooing or peeing in their inside living space. Inside cleaning would pretty much be disinfecting the area between dogs or however often the kennel protocol is.

For pure ease of maintenance for humans perspective, racing kennels have a pretty good set up...stacked crates (two high) that are typically in "six packs" which are on wheels and can be wheeled outside and sprayed/hosed down. Bedding is either carpet or shredded paper. Kennel room opens to 2-3 fenced turnout pens so the dogs can be turned out while crates are being turned over/cleaned. Turnout pens are sand which makes it easy to pick up poo and pee tends to drain down. Sand can be sprayed down as necessary for odor or bugs. Dirty kennel carpets are soaked in a huge tub in diluted bleach solution and hung on fencing to sun dry. Racing kennels are able to manage 60 or dogs with just a few kennel workers.

However...a racing kennel is a pretty regimented lifestyle that the dogs get accustomed to it...I wouldn't design a pet boarding kennel like a racing kennel even if it would make some maintenance things easier.
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