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state of the art kennels

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If you had to design a 20 run kennel, what would you do to make it a breeze to clean… and I’m not talking about the gutter in front or back of the runs… something that doesn’t involve getting dirty and a lot of hard work…
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I was trying to point out that many high end (state of the art) boarding places have gotten away from runs/kennels. They offer communal rooms, sofas, chairs, Animal Planet TV, the dogs are free to mingle (by size) all day and only go in their separate kennels at night.

This is somewhat common in our area. The one closest to us has 4 communal bays for the various sizes. My dogs have been there with no interaction problems.

man my dogs would for sure be in a home away from home ALL Day long,:p but since i have never put my dog in a kennel since i got them, IF i ever did what you described would be PERFECT!! the only thing i ( nor they) would like would be sleeping in the actual kennel part at night :(.. they are used to spreading out and sleeping on the bed.
1 - 1 of 31 Posts
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