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state of the art kennels

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If you had to design a 20 run kennel, what would you do to make it a breeze to clean… and I’m not talking about the gutter in front or back of the runs… something that doesn’t involve getting dirty and a lot of hard work…
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We have built such a kennel that requires little effort to clean. The flooring is made of a material that looks like linoleum that comes in a 16 or 20 foot wide roll at about any length. The material is new formula that is somewhat pliable and soft, provides decent traction and is not too slippery, but very durable and has a lifetime guarantee. The surface has high gloss shine and and dirt and poop do not stick to it for the most part and water can be quickly squeggied off or blow dried with a electric leaf blower to allow for a quick dry. IT WORKS GREAT!!! and clean up is fast!.. The guttering is formed with this material also by extending the flooring material down and up a cavity to facilitate a one piece no seam design that allows for easy no stick cleaning.

1 - 1 of 31 Posts
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