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state of the art kennels

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If you had to design a 20 run kennel, what would you do to make it a breeze to clean… and I’m not talking about the gutter in front or back of the runs… something that doesn’t involve getting dirty and a lot of hard work…
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We kennel everytime we move, and that`s often with the military and the hard part for us is getting a keenel sight unseen that we feel we can trust. We often move where we don`t have family and friends for a reference and each move we use 2 kennels fo about 2 weeks minimum, one at point of origon and one at destination. I can tell you we will pay extra for a place with land!! Forget the kennels and cages, although I prefer that to the communal idea since I know not all dogs can play with others well, I want my dog to be able to run and maybe even swim! The last place in Kingston ON was the best to date, he made a dog swimming pool with fresh water supplied to it, he divided his acreage into seperate areas depending on big dog and small dog and I had trouble finding the poop *lol. So for all that land he kept the bugger pretty and pristine *smiles*. The owner was more of an animal person and was awkward with regular folks, but he was great with my dog!!
1 - 1 of 31 Posts
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