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state of the art kennels

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If you had to design a 20 run kennel, what would you do to make it a breeze to clean… and I’m not talking about the gutter in front or back of the runs… something that doesn’t involve getting dirty and a lot of hard work…
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Is this for a boarding facility? Honestly, Slightly graded Concrete slab with the Gutter is as good as it gets for cleaning just hose down and go, put the PVC pipe beds in (they have a sling type webbing for the dog to lay on). Dirt floor is too hard to keep up with and encourages fleas. Be sure they have an ample place to get out of the rain, heat and cold as well so perhaps an indoor/outdoor run.
Right now im attending triple crown… sooo the other day I got to wondering, what the top of the line kennel would look like… and to be honest there has to be a more efficient way of cleaning kennels… the gutters that most kennels have will just not do… if you have them in the front, u have to walk into the kennel and spray all poop out (cleaning this way is very mess, and water and poop splatter everywhere)… however when u have the gutter in the inside u can spray the water into the kennel keeping things a little cleaner, but there is also I flaw to this the poop gets stuck underneath the run walls… so that’s y I dislike the gutters…

The purpose of this kennel would be for boarding, and training… someone should design a self cleaning kennel that would work kindda like a car wash.. Ok lol so maybe not, but I wonder if u could run a pvc pipe(or something eles like it) along the inside wall the would spray high presser water out and spray water into a gutter… I think something like this would save time and money…

As far ass a play/potty area I would fence that in and have the ground be sand… that would make it a breeze to clean…
Yes you can, I've seen it done at some the shelters here in san Diego. As far as the poo getting stuck under the walls in a rear gutter, that's why you sink the gutter deep enough to keep that from happening. Of course the alternative is to not spray the poo into the gutter, but to use a flat edge shovel to pick it up first THEN spray down the kennel.

Are you going ot set up digester (kinda like a septic system) or have the waste go into the city sewer system for treatment?
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