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Starting grooming business

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Hi All,

hope you are all staying safe during this pandemic.

I have a very general question that it might sound stupid but really hope some one can help me here. I am wondering how many dog can a salon expect to get per day on a decent location in big cities? I am thinking to start this business in houston and asked some local groomers and i heard a range of number between 12 to 40 ( for groom or bath). My question is would expecting to get 20 for the salon be very optimistic or normal.

many thanks for your help in advance.

God bless,
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^^ What DaySleepers said. If you can offer a special service like hand stripping, or have experience with show grooming for some breeds, then that might give you something of an edge with some clients, but most pet people will just want their dog looking neat and clean, and won't be interested in an intricate clip requiring extensive hand scissoring, nor will they care that clipping their terrier breed will result in a loss of coat texture.

It night be better to look into working for an already established grooming salon instead of just striking out on your own. Especially if you don't already have a ton of experience.
An established urban or suburban salon, with several good groomers and a solid clientele, can easily do 20+ grooms a day. A new salon, probably not so much.
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