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Start-up Dog Grooming Facility ideas.

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I do not have good credit, first off. I'm willing to make cash investments on necessary list of must haves. Ideas, please, anyone.
I'm willing to take loses until I'm more established with clientele. Storage space? [Brainstorming] idk..
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First and foremost, you need a good liability insurance policy.

After that, if you don't have your supplies already, you need at least two sets of clippers (roughly $200 to $500 each, depending on brand), lots and lots of blades in a variety if lengths (roughly $30 per blade), supplies for caring for said clippers and blades, good quality shears ($100+ per pair), good quality brushes and combs, a good grooming table (around $200 for a super basic model to $3000+ for an electric lift table), forced air dryers (around $200 for a basic model to upwards of $1000 for a high end model), crates or cages for dogs to stay in when they aren't being groomed, and a raised tub (either built in or free-standing) with an easily cleaned hair trap.

For storage, you can mount wall cabinets or use freestanding storage cupboards.
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