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Staring at Cats (and others) During Walks.

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While walking my dog on leash and she sees a stray cat, she stares. She's easy to pull away from the cat if it's far away. Let her stare at the cat for say a minute and she barks at it. This also happens when she sees fresh poop (not hers) and wants to snack at it.

What I do is to move her away from it by slightly pulling on the leash in the opposite direction. It seems effective because she's small (Pom). I'm not too sure if this is the correct way of doing it. Will this behavior stop?
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Cats are hard, lol. Have you taught her a good leave it? Tell her to "leave it" and then give a treat for complying. If she wants to watch the cat for a while, let her, and it may become boring to her. When she returns her attention to you, reward and praise her, then move on.
You could teach 'leave it' and walk away. Starring at the cat isn't really a big deal as long as she isn't attacking the cat your good

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