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Hi everyone!
I'm a first time poster and this might be my first and last post but I just wanted to get other dog peoples' opinions on my Standard Poodle's recent behavior.

A little history, I grew up in Atlanta, always wanted a dog, finally at 17 we got a standard poodle puppy (Buddy). He was 4 months old and so stinking cute, not to mention smart. I did ALL of his training, took him to puppy class, etc. Buddy was my dog, he was my shadow followed me everywhere, slept in my room, etc. I ended up coming up to New England for college and now, 7 years later I'm still in New England. I try to go home 3-4 times a year and Buddy reacts like I never left, he goes crazy when I first walk in the door and then sticks to me like glue when I'm home. He normally sleeps in a dog bed in the spare bedroom but for some reason when I'm home and I say "Buddy bedtime" he runs to the steps to go to my room instead of going to his bed in the spare bedroom on the main floor. When I'm getting ready to leave Buddy sees my suitcase and that tail goes right down, breaks my heart every time. As much as I'd love to bring him up to New England with me I know it wouldn't be fair to take him away from living the good life with my parents, going from a big house in the 'burbs to a small apt in the city, among other things.

Anyway, the question...when I was home last week my boyfriend came down with me. Buddy has met Steve a once before. Bud is always a little skittish at first meeting new people but warms up easily and is ready to play with in the first 15 minutes, this was no different with Steve. This visit though Steve and I were cuddling and Buddy started "poodle poking" Steve. Anybody with Standard Poodle knows what I'm talking about. I'm told it's not aggressive behavior, that it's how they play but I'm not sure what Buddy was about in this situation. I put him in a down and stay and went back to cuddling with Steve (maybe that was mean of me to do). So then I gave Steve a kiss good night as he was getting ready to go to his room for bed. Buddy cried! It was the strangest thing. He stayed in his down, stared at the two of us, and made his little baby crying noises. He has never seen me give affection like that to anyone but a family member (which he has never had a problem with) and he's never like that when my parents are affectionate (maybe because he grew up seeing them do that). What are y'alls thoughts? Was Buddy jealous? Or concerned because he didn't know that Steve wouldn't hurt me.

Thanks for your opinions. I'm back in New England and I cried like a baby when I said bye to Buddy (like I always do).

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