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Hiya lovelys!

I'm currently fostering/rehabilitating an ex cruelty case staffordshire bull terrier named Biscuit :) she's been in my care for about 6 months now, when she first arrived she couldn't even be in the same room as a man or another dog and had been used as a breeding bitch and discarded (still had milk poor thing), clearly been hit and had burn marks on her legs and body. She had quite a lot of fear based aggression although would never actually go in for a bite but just warn people away and get really noisy.

Nowadays she's made a few doggy friends that she goes on lead walks with, has decided that my dad's the best man in the world and if he's about follows him around doting on him and loves going to visit at they live in the countryside and she can run around in his big field and there's nothing scary about. The problem is that living in the city I can never let her off the lead anywhere as she's still not great with strangers or new dogs and although her recall is good if said scary thing distracted her I doubt i'd see her again!

I feel awfully guilty as she loves to run and play, I do have a 3 metre long line that I put her on in the cemetery or when there's nobody else around so I can pull her back in if anything comes along but she still doesn't get to run!!

Does anyone have any tips or ideas to help with this? I was considering getting a treadmill so that she could burn some excess energy on that before we go for a lead walk? Would you recommend? Sorry for such a long post and lovely to meet you all :D
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