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Hello. I have a 10 1/2 year old springer spaniel (Lola) who developed disc issues in her neck 6 months ago. (bad owners, we allowed our dogs to jump on and off our beds :doh: ) In the past, we have been able to treat her with oral steroids and tramadol, along with crate rest. We're on day 4 of the 'roids with Tramadol & cage rest, and she is still crying.

Our 8 year old Beagle had the same issue last year, and he had the ventral slot surgery.

When we asked our vet if he would do the same surgery on Lola, he said "She is on the old side of the spectrum", when he said he would not even think twice of having it done on our Beagle.

I guess my question is this: Has anyone here had an older dog with these issues, and how did you treat it? My husband thinks she is too old to go through such a surgery, but we should keep treating her with drugs. I cannot stand to see my girl suffer, and living in a cage is no life for her.

Thanks for any input. Im afraid I know the answer...heart is breaking. :(
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