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Springer Spaniel Dental

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Hello I wanted some opinions as I am worried sick about anaesthetic.

We think our springer is about 12 or 13 (rescue). As far as I know he is healthy, just typical older dog arthritis but slim, bright and still walking 4 miles a day.

Would you go ahead with a dental at this age, as you can never be aware of all health issues?
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Thank you. Yes I will speak with the vet tomorrow. I just thought the forum can help me feel less alone. I am not looking for an alternative to vet advice, just some thoughts from fellow owners to help organise my racing mind and be ready before my appointment tomorrow.
Hello. Yes pre op bloods and fluids throughout. I am just worried that a new cough may be a sign of something which was not apparent before booking him in. Maybe I should ask to postpone? I am worried it could be the beginnings of heart failure…he just woke up honking / gagging again now, it’s been an issue occasionally for many years but only if he was playing a lot. It seems worse suddenly in the last 24 hours.

I would never forgive myself if I went ahead and I am worried the vet will brush over it and I will feel silly and thrn something happens.

I hate nights when you can’t be proactive.

thanks so much for replying.
Thanks so much everyone. I will go to the vet feeling much more in control now. I really appreciate your time and advice. luckily Dexter hasn’t needed the vet and had been extremely healthy, but age is catching up and I need the establish a trusting professional relationship for the good of my dog, which I will endeavour to start tomorrow.

thanks again everyone. It is 1.20am here so I had best get some sleep!!
All the best.
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