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Springer Spaniel Dental

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Hello I wanted some opinions as I am worried sick about anaesthetic.

We think our springer is about 12 or 13 (rescue). As far as I know he is healthy, just typical older dog arthritis but slim, bright and still walking 4 miles a day.

Would you go ahead with a dental at this age, as you can never be aware of all health issues?
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If the dog has suddenly begun coughing, etc, then I would definitely ask the vet for a follow up. It may be the coughing is caused by the dental issues and getting those resolved will be better than not.

It may also be a sign of something else going on and that could potentially be dangerous for him to undergo surgery at this point.

As @parus mentions, if the dog is healthy, not coughing, etc, I would base my decision on the impact of the teeth. My Mom had a policy that basic teeth cleaning was only done if the older animal needed to go under for an actual health issue. But if the teeth were abcessed, impacted, etc, then the dental work was deemed necessary to risk the anesthesia.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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