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Springer Spaniel Dental

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Hello I wanted some opinions as I am worried sick about anaesthetic.

We think our springer is about 12 or 13 (rescue). As far as I know he is healthy, just typical older dog arthritis but slim, bright and still walking 4 miles a day.

Would you go ahead with a dental at this age, as you can never be aware of all health issues?
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I can't answer your concerns regarding anesthesia on your dog any better than has already been said. But!! If you have concerns, a truly compassionate vet will absolutely, positively, NOT (say it louder for those in the back) NOT!!! dismiss your concerns or brush your fears aside. They will listen, discuss & weigh out the pros/cons with you before the procedure. If you feel 'silly' discussing very important decisions with your vet.... IMO, you need to find a different vet that will help you understand things & put your fears to rest (or, reconsider what the treatment plan for your dog is going to entail)

PS - Allowing your dog to be put under anesthesia is always something that causes us to thing very carefully & weigh out the various options. Is it scary? Yeah, it definitely is, but... if you trust your vet & have had an in-depth conversation about this, it's way less so.
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