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Springer Spaniel Dental

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Hello I wanted some opinions as I am worried sick about anaesthetic.

We think our springer is about 12 or 13 (rescue). As far as I know he is healthy, just typical older dog arthritis but slim, bright and still walking 4 miles a day.

Would you go ahead with a dental at this age, as you can never be aware of all health issues?
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If the problem with the teeth is more cosmetic or superficial, I probably wouldn't have a dental done at that age. But if the teeth are causing the dog pain, or the condition of the mouth is raising the risk of infection or heart disease, the dental procedure really just needs to be done. Are they doing pre-op bloodwork? I would definitely pay the extra or that, considering the dog's age.

You can mitigate some risk by having the procedure done by a team that includes a professional veterinary anesthesiologist.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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