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Splint care and tips

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My 12 week old border collie was running around playing with my older dog jumped off the couch, landed wrong and broke her leg. The vet splinted her left hind leg and gave some meds for pain. Shes still super restless and uncomfortable (no surprise) any tips on how to help her? We put her on a big dog bed but doesnt seem to help her much. Tried a kong and some toys which helped for maybe 10 min. I just feel sad for her.
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Oh, boy... trying to keep a bored puppy quiet and calm is no fun. Stuffed kongs, puzzle toys, and snuffle mats are all good idea. I would probably set up an ex pen to give her some room to move, but still be confined.

If you think she is still in a lot of pain, talk to your vet about modifying her medication. Also, make sure you check the splint several times a day to ensure that she's not developing any sores. Don't let it get wet (put a plastic bag over it when you take her out), and it it does get wet, take her back to the vet to have it changed.

And make sure you follow the vet's instructions for reintroducing activities after it comes off.

A broken leg with just a splint. Seems odd.
Depends on how bad and where the break is. And at only 12 weeks, puppies generally heal pretty fast.
She's so stinkin' CUTE.
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