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Sam's been experiencing hind end pain (had a bad episode Saturday, but in hindsight we think he's been feeling it 2-3 weeks, we just didn't pick up the subtler signs). Turns out he has compressed vertebrae just before his tail. So, it's crate rest and anti-infammatories for him for at least the next two weeks.

Anyone else have experience with this? How was the recovery like? Any tips on things to help healing and/or keep him occupied in the house? I did make him a snuffle mat yesterday, which is how he'll be getting breakfast from now on. He already gets fish oil, but I may consider a green-lipped mussel supplement as well if it seems necessary.

In good news, his hips look excellent and his knees are solid.

Poor baby is recovering from sedation now. He's still pretty out of it, glad I'm home with him.
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