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I know there's alot of DF members in South Carolina. Maybe someone can help. This dog has been missing since November, but the owners are still looking and hoping they can find their boy.

This Special Needs GS was "stolen" in NOVEMBER. Let's blast him out there again. PLEASE PASS THIS ON ALL OVER THE COUNTRY!!!! Let’s find this beautiful Shepherd!!!

The owners have been checking websites and shelters regularly, but no luck!!!
*Please contact ASAP at: 828-657-0084 - Please leave a message!!!
*Email: [email protected] (at bellsouth.net),
and also at: [email protected] (at hotmail.com).

He could be anywhere by now. He would be drawn to trucks, because he is from a trucking Family. If a driver gives him a ride, he could end up almost anywhere in the US.

*Please see his web page at:

"Major" has had a 9 inch plate, and eight screws put in his left front leg. As you can see from the photos, that were taken 2 weeks before he disappeared, he has no visible scar. You can feel the plate, if you know what you are feeling for.

The owner is absolutely HEART-BROKEN about her missing dog. She and her husband have no children, so this dog was her child! It goes without saying that ALL OF US understand how heartbroken she is!

$500.00 Reward
Pet Type: Dog
Age: 26 mos.
Pet Breed: German Shepherd Dog
Color: Blk/Tan
Neutered: No
Sex: Male

Missing 2 yr old Male German Shepherd from Hwy 221-A 3 miles N.E. of Chesnee, SC.
He disappeared on 11/16/08. Reportedly picked up by someone in a dark colored, late model Dodge or Ford Pick up Truck.

He is a Special Needs Companion that is a family member. We miss him terribly! Please if you recognize him, or know anything that could help bring him home, Call anytime day or night. He could end up anywhere trying to find his way home. Please everyone keep an eye out for him.

*Any info please call: 828-657-0084.

Please keep an eye out for this Special Needs Companion. We have expanded our search area, and it makes it hard to get physically, to all the shelters within the time frame of 3 days. Major is very much missed, and I am spending every moment of the day, searching for him. I am about to go out of my mind.

Please if you think you may have any dog questionable, call me and I will come straight away.

We appreciate you!

"The Fingers" 828-657-0084
Robbie Finger/Samie Finger
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