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SPAY INCISION (2 weeks since stiches removal)

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Hi all, my now 8 month old female lab was spayed end of February, 2021. It was not until March 31st when she had her stitches removed. We noticed one bump over her incision (size of a pea) during her stiches removal visit and the vet said it was just fluid that would eventually go away. He instructed me that she was cleared to run around and exercise as much as she pleased since her stiches were removed. It has now been 2 weeks since her stiches were removed and there are now bumps everywhere on and around her stitches. Has anyone had a similar experience and has any idea as to what it can be? If so, what has the vet suggested/how was your pet treated?

I have been taking her to the Banfield vet almost every two weeks since I wanted to make sure her incision was not infected and they told me it was not and sent me home. But now it clearly looks abnormal. I have made yet another visit to the vet but wanted to know what you all think? Personally, the vets have not been very helpful throughout this whole healing process and the costs directed towards this recovery processes is not pretty either.

I have attached pictures of her incision after removal of stiches on March 31, 2021 (2 wks ago) and now - April 14


APRIL 14, 2021
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I agree with your vet (though I am not a fan of Banfield). It just takes time. Leave it alone. If redness/swelling increases you MAY have a concern and it is back to the vet you go. You have this picture to refer to so you can make educated comparisons.

Remember, this is somewhat major surgery, albeit common surgery. It takes awhile for things to get back to normal.
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The fact the stitches were in so long has probably contributed to the build up of scar tissue. I did that once with a Casslicks on a horse (most of the vulva is stitched closed to prevent infection) and the results were what the vet called "puckery." But I also did have a dog that got an infection along the stitches after a spay. That was obvious, though, because the suture material had pus on it when it was removed.

All that said, though, I admit the look of that incision 2 weeks after stitch removal would bother me, and I'd want an explanation of some sort from a vet who was paying attention. If the one I was using blew me off, I'd be looking for a new vet, and these days I'd call around and see if I could find one who would let me in the exam room with my dog. I changed vets a couple of months ago over that.
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I took her in on Wednesday and they prescribed her some antibiotics! The vet said it was infected and to give her two weeks. The blisters she had erupted but more appeared and now they are bleeding. This will be an ongoing process but I will be taking her to a different vet for sure if in the next week there are still signs of an infection/blisters.
Thanks for reporting back on what's going on. Hope this clears up quickly for you.
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