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SOS, What Is My Dog Doing??

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Meet Bailey:
Bailey, female, is a boxer-hound mix rescue who is currently 1 year-2 months old. We know very little about her backstory, but what we do know is that first, she was rescued when she was very young and then initially adopted when she was 4 months old by a family with an older dog, parents that both work, and a high schooler. She was surrendered on the morning of October 2nd (8 months old) and we adopted her that afternoon at her first adoption event. She has since been living with us (a family of 4 children, ages 12 to 23, and two parents- 1 of which stays at home) in a three-story victorian house in the suburbs. We believe that she spent a lot of time in her crate in her previous home. She is also a very anxious dog and has a lot of stress. We are currently applying training techniques to help her calm down and relax daily.

The Situation:
Occasionally, she will engage in sporadic instances of intense sniffing the ground and running around the house- as if she were hunting. During these moments, treats, which usually catch her attention at all other times, can barely stop her from moving. She is extremely frantic and runs all around the first floor of the house as if she was following something. We have yet to see any type of insect or creature that she is following so we aren't sure what else it could be. Is this normal behavior for dogs? I'm starting to get a little worried because she spent at least 20 minutes in this state today and I can't figure out why she is doing this or what she is trying to tell us. Any insight is appreciated, thanks! :wave:

Example Video (I couldn't get a great video where she was extremely frantic and running all over the house so this will have to suffice):
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I can't view your video so that might change my take on things

What are your methods for calming training?

Many dogs get a period of "zoomies" each day of a burst of energy and running wild around whatever space they have to run wild. Often it is close to a meal time or a time when a human comes home from work and lets the dog out. Sort of like what happens with a toddler when overtired.
Small things right now like not looking her in the eye when we first come home and not excitedly greeting her so she doesn't show her submissive side. Using treats to call her over while she's playing and then allowing her to go back to her toys right after so she knows that it's okay and not to be scared when she's called.

I was reaching "zoomies" earlier today and it isn't quite the same- she does that too however. When she's in that state, she's playful, exuberant, and full of energy. What I was describing above is more of a mission, focused, and frantic state of running and sniffing around...as if she was trying to catch something or find something. Since she is part hound I wasn't sure if they was natural or if it is something I should be concerned about.
embrace your houndy dog there are plenty of games you can play
The video doesn't work. But it does sound to me like she's hunting something. Is it possible that there are rodents under your floorboards, and that's what she's after?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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