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Hi all. I joined here quite a while ago to ask some future-dog-purchasing questions (and got very helpful answers!) but haven't posted much as I currently do not have a dog. Now that my pre-dog research is picking up, I thought I'd start poking around the forum again. :)

A little backstory: I grew up with a pomeranian, Sambu, who sadly passed away last summer at 15. It was probably the most difficult thing I've ever gone through and I originally didn't think I could ever own a dog again just because it was so painful to lose him, but it soon became pretty clear to me that my life is just not complete without a dog.

The plan is to get a pom puppy early next year. I currently live with my fiance and our two cats in a condo, which does allow dogs but they have a 2 animal maximum. My fiance and I are getting married in August, and are planning on moving to an actual house shortly after that. We figured once all of that is taken care of it'll be a good time to get a dog. I've been doing all the preliminary research, think I've settled on a good breeder (although I still need to do the home/kennel visit), so now I'm just in the loooong and difficult waiting period!

Hopefully I can live vicariously through all you other dog owners until then and continue to improve my preparedness for the new puppy! :)
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