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Soro is the best

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Soro is TWELVE this year in April, and he still continues to amaze me.

He's never liked swimming and take a look at this...

I wouldn't say he likes it now. But he did this on his own to continue the hike with the rest of the group. He was very calm about it. And he happily wagged and took treats right out of the water or while standing chest deep. Basically, not super stressed and had a great time throughout the hike!

He swam THREE times over sizeable expanses.

Twelve years with Soro, still so much to learn about him and still things to discover together.
I love this dog so much.
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What a great little video. Thanks for posting it.
That's awesome! I guess he figured staying with his family was better than not swimming :)

Kane is kind of the same with water. He CAN swim and he will, he just prefers not to. But there is NO WAY he will be left on the shore by himself if everyone else is going. This weekend my husband took the canoe out on the lake by himself and Kane wanted to be with him so bad he swam out after him, even though I was right there with Kane. I guess I wasn't good enough ;-)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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