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I haven't been active for awhile, but I figured I maybe should get around to posting some, so what better than to post pictures of Cali? Cali is a purebred Papillon from a small scale show breeder (although a lot of her dogs went on to fairly well known kennels like Braylor's and Maribeso) who was born last March. :) Anyways, on to the pictures!

Just waiting for me to throw the stick (that is much too big for her haha)

"I'm cute.. right?!?"

Her gazelle impression.. :p

This is what my mom calls her "Elvis face"..

"WAIT! I'm coming, mommy!!"

I just really liked this picture.. although I took it with a different camera than usual so it's not too high quality.

Further proof that yes, Papillons do have a world domination plot..

I may be biased.. but I think Cali has matured into a really good looking girl. I absolutely love her headshape.

She has an obsession for balls (although she isn't quite as ball crazy as Mia.. yet)

She's 13 months old now (the pictures range from 10 months to 12.5 months), and she's in obedience classes and she's hopefully going to be in an intro to agility class by May. Should be a fun filled year! She's such a smart girl once you get her focused on you... though she does have a fairly short attention span, but that'll get better eventually.

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The Papillon does tend to have such an adorable little face with such expression and beautiful flowing hair ... I love them ... but with my large dogs around it would not be a good mix for me to own one! :)

Your Pap is adorable! :)
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