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some pics from training class last week

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Last Thursday my dog and I graduated from our training class called beyond basic. We learned some tricks and were able to get familiar will some of the agility obstacles. It was a very fun class to say the least.

I asked my dad if he wanted to come to class with us to take pictures and I was sure he was going to say 'no thanks' but instead he said 'sure' enthusiastically so I was finally able to get pictures of dohggy and I in action! :) Please just ignore me in the pics, I look like an idiot in all of them.

dohggy looking very attentive!

getting comfortable on unstable surfaces

working on back end awareness

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going over the mini dog walk. dohggy loves this one!

over the a-frame

through the tunnel

through the tire

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through another tunnel

working on sit-stay

working on coming when called

group photo with the people in our class and our trainers.

Thanks for looking!
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Great pictures. :) Looks like he loves the mini agility equipment!
Thanks, yeah he did seem to like the equipment so I'm hoping he likes the new agility class we signed up for. It was supposed to start this past saturday but was cancelled due to the heat advisory. :( Hopefully next week we can start though

This looks like so much fun!
It really was a lot of fun. I might consider taking the class again since we had so much fun. :)
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