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Oh we do, we all have similar stories like that...

Mine is kind of the opposite...

We were at the dog-park when this older-woman had a gorgeous female dog that was no bigger than Donatello, and she stayed in the large dog pen with another gentlemen and his two older dogs... They knew each other for years, so all the dogs were comfortable.

But it was Donatello's third time at the park, and I want him to be social and get to the point where he can play with other dogs.

So she's standing there talking to me, telling me "how fast Gracie" is, and "how fast Gracie" is and "how fast Gracie" is. Over and over, and I just said, "Donatello's pretty fast too." (First of all, this lady didn't like his name, she wrinkled her nose and scoffed at it.) -.-

While she's once again telling me "how fast Gracie" is, Donatello and Gracie are sniffing noses, bowing at each other and racing each other through the fence... It was cute, and a huge improvement for Donatello.

So I said, "Wow, they "seem" to be getting along." and she says, "Oh, Gracie, you're too big for that guy, you'd run him over." -.-

Well, jealousy set in! I scoffed this time and said, "Doubtful."

It came about that we split ways and met up a week later as I was leaving through the main pen. Gracie and Donnie met face to face- More like Gracie came to a skidding halt in his face! lol! I let him off the leash and they ran! Gracie couldn't keep up! She was chasing him, and had no lead on him! Her owner hollered out to me, "He does have speed under him, doesn't he?" I just grinned! Donnie made me proud... He wore her out in two seconds! She went jogging back to her owner and laid down at her feet, as if in submission to say, "Alright, you win."

It just really irked me that she was bragging about her dog left and right, up and down, and then the dog couldn't even perform! lol! Not to mention that "Gracie" wasn't even bigger than Donatello!

Give me a break!
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