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Some people!

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Well, I've VERY glad to be moving now, I've only got two weeks but it won't be soon enough.
Yes, this is sort of another rant :p

About three days ago the big chocolate lab that the owner lets roam constantly showed up at our house again, I saw him, went to get the tether so I could tie him up and call the owner to come get him....again. Dumb taking care of someone else's dog, but its better than the alternative of the poor dog getting hurt because of the owner's idiocy. Just as I was getting the long line BANG!!!

My landlord shot at the dog. I was speechless, I couldn't move, I couldn't think, I was torn between running at the landlord and....well...doing things that would have gotten me arrested, and running after the dog to make sure he was ok and get him safe. The dog ran off, I couldn't catch up, I called the owner and left a message about what happened.

Yesterday a neighbour's dog went over to the landlord's house (playing with his dog), Caeda had been playing but she stopped at "her boundary" (good girl!), and didn't go all the way over. The neighbour's dog went around the corner of the house, the landlord grabbed his leaf rake and swatted hard around the corner, I heard a yelp and the dog ran back home. To make matters worse, his grandchild was there! Nothing I had to say was "child safe", and besides, I didn't think it appropriate to tell him off with the child there.

I wish I had called the RCMP about the gun, but at the time I didn't know I was moving yet and couldn't risk worse relations with this guy. I know swatting the dog with the rake won't be enough to get him in any trouble, so reporting that would be useless. I just hate that he is teaching the grandkids by example that this is appropriate.

GRRRRR, anyway, I'm just glad I'm out of here, and it is good that he never did anything to Caeda. Two weeks can't go by fast enough
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All I can say is D:
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