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Some of My Old Man, Tipper

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this was Lacey's 1/2 brother, Tipper and this was his "obsession" for about 1 yr....his 1st one was a ferret we owned...they would play for hrs....but, this is Babeese, a Dumbo rat that belonged to a gal that lived here for a bit...

playing on the stairs....

keeping watch at the cage....

and, sadly, the last day for Babeese....he just filled up w/ "fluids" one night and there wasn't anything to be done for him....at the vets saying goodbye (Babeese was calm as long as he could see Tipper)

a couple more...
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and this was Tipper when we got home....standing by where Babeese's cage had been....

ya know, i kept from crying at the vets until Tipper nuzzled him and then looked at me like "Bring him back, Mom...I know you can!" then i lost it....

and i found one of Tipper w/ Terre Ferret....

anyone else got any "best buddy" pics of different species?
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no more inter-species buddies? i know there are more out there.....
Interspecies best buddies:

(Taken today)

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Aw, Tipper and the rat are so cute. I wish I had some pictures of Bentley and the gerbils, but he's terrified of the camera. I bring them out to play in the tub and he loves to stand watch over them or lay in the tub with them and let them crawl all over him.
I've got some

I have more, buts thats all I can find right now.
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