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Stuffs You Should Never Feed Your Dog
Sadly, there are several household items which we tend to
take for granted that are potentially very hazardous to your
dog's health. It is especially important to be aware of this because as
you know, dogs are very much scavengers and will often eat whatever
they can sink their fangs into. I would say that may own dog is more
like a mobile garbage disposal. It is also very important to be aware of
these items
since their sense of smell is so well developed that your pooch will be
able to find what you may think is well hidden.
One of these dangerous household items, it turns out, is simple
chocolate. While chocolate has been reported recently to be high in
human-friendly antioxidants,
it appears to be potentially lethal for our pets, and particularly for
our dogs. Cats are mostly unaffected since they do not care for the
taste of chocolate, but dogs tend to
be crazy about it. Certain breeds of dogs react indifferently to
chocolate. The root of the problem is that chocolate contains various
chemicals which are called methylxanthine alkaloids(sometypes have more of
these chemicals than others)...
Some mushrooms
Coffee, like cocoa,
leaves and roots of apple and cherry trees, their friuts are safe for dogs,dairy, by-products, chemical
preservatives and artificial colors, and finally, make feed safe for the dogs
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